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700mA Balance Charger for 1S-3S 3.7V & 7.4V & 11.1V LiPO and LiFePO4 Batteries Vapex


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Ideal for 3.7v - 7.4v - 11.1v Li-Po, Li-ION and 3.3v - 6.6v - 9.9v Li-FEPO4 batteries with 2-4 Pin JST-XH balance connector
Precise microprocessor charging in the 15mV range
The balancer function ensures safe and accurate charging of all components.


  • Special Microcomputer controlled, ensure balance precision within 15mV
  • Combo charger for both Li-Po and LiFe batteries
  • Build-in Power supply makes it more slim and easy to take
  • Automatically detects and controls the voltage of each cell independently ensures a balance voltage between cells
  • Each cell's situation can be clearly displayed by one corresponding LEDs
  • Input has a protective function and short circuit and opposite connection
  • The cut-off voltage of charge between 4.20 ± 0.015V/cell for Li-Po batteries , and 3.65 ± 0.015V/cell for LiFe batteries
Battery style and capacityCharge timeCharge time

Li-Po 600mA 4.2-12.6V

Li-Fe 600mA 3.65-10.95V



 6600mAh  About 12 hours  About 12 hours
 5000mAh  About 9 hours  About 9 hours
 4000mAh  About 7 hours  About 7 hours
 3300mAh  About 6 hours  About 6 hours
 2200mAh  About 4 hours  About 4 hours
 1600mAh  About 3 hours  About 3 hours
 1300mAh  About 2.5 hours  About 2.5 hours
 1000mAh  About 2 hours  About 2 hours
 800mAh  About 1.6 hours  About 1.6 hours
450mAh  About 0.8 hours  About 0.8 hours

Above battery charge time depend on ambient temperature 10°C to 30°C. Charging time may be different from different brand batteries.


Input Voltage: 85-240v, 0.2A Max 50/60Hz

Cut-off Voltage for:

  • LiPO : DC 4.20V ± 0.015 / 600mA ± 100mA *3
  • LiFEPO4 : DC 3.65V ± 0.015 / 600mA ± 100mA * 3

Operation Temperature: 0 - 40°C

Weight: 94g

Dimensions: 101 x 61 x 34mm

VTE 600 Charger - DATASHEETVTE 600 Charger - DATASHEET


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