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7.4V 2600mAh 25/50C Airsoft Cranestock LiPo Battery VapexTech


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Dimensions: 104 x 20 x 14 mm Weight: 107 grams Default connector: Mini-Tamiya Brand: Vp-Airsoft Cell Type: LiPO

All our batteries for airsoft use are carefully designed with the specific requirements for airsoft use in mind. The battery must give a high current on demand with minimal drop in voltage, this gives fast reloading i.e high rate of fire (ROF). The battery should also have high capacity to give maximum running time - i.e. maximum shots fired.
The last thing you want to worry about is the battery, you just want to charge it, install it & get on with other things! These batteries enable you to do just that.

This battery pack is supplied as standard terminated in a mini-Tamiya style connector (correctly wired for airsoft use) We can supply the battery fitted with a wide range of other connectors on request - just ask.







Max Discharge Current:


(25C) Continuous


(50C) Burst

Max Charge Current:



Max Charged Voltage:


4.25V per cell

Min Discharged Voltage:


3.0V per cell

Wire gauge:



Important Note

This battery pack is wired with the positive (red) lead to the round terminal & the negative (black) to the square terminal. The sketch below shows how it is wired as you look into the plug. This is the standard used for most guns. For radio control applications the polarity would normally be the reverse of this.

Correct connection of Mini-Tamiya plug for Airsoft Lipo battery

The battery is complete with a balancing lead with a 3 pin JST-XH connector, probably the most common type around & fully compatible with our lipo chargers.

The battery is supplied with detailed instructions for safe use, charging & storage, please take a few minutes & read them carefully.

*Please Note: Exceeding the above values ie less than 3v per cell and above 4.25v per cell may cause irreparable damage to the battery (manifested by swelling or in extreme case self-ignition) and loss of warranty.

Weight (g)21.49
Voltage (V)7.4
Capacity (mAh)522.15
Length (mm)20.89
Width (mm)4.02
Height (mm)2.81
Cell TypeLiPO
Wire Gauge (AWG)16awg

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